Posted by: Utkarsh | December 24, 2009


While starting to write yet another experience, I realized that I have already inscribed most of what I was about to jot down. Here are some excerpts from my previous posts which define “the ongoings”

In Search

“… I introspect myself when i realize that I lack something in me. I lack expression. I lack revelation. I lack words. Not ‘cuz I don’t have them in me. But because i lack the power of boiling down to a few. The irony of the plight is that i am not alone in the room. I am surrounded…. not by voidness but by things i look for all around: Words. It really becomes hard in these times, but still………….. I smile. I smile not because i am audacious enough to face this but i smile at the perplexity my mind is in. I look for, what is all around me. There are a plenty of them. All explaining my state in some way or the other. I still search.”

..someday I will

“…I turn my head backwards to take a last look on the place I call paradise. It’s far….. not in terms of distance but in terms of the times to come when I’d be there. But this time I look with much more power, with much more aspirations and with much more sanity.”

my frenzy mind…comes to peace

“…I now know what it wants and where it wants to be. I’ll say it again as I said in my previous post; it is the other side of the river bank where it wants to be AND I’ll say it again as I said in my previous post that being such a weak and ineffectual mortal, there is little I can do.”


“…Truth is something which you don’t wish to believe but you have to. Truth is fate. Truth is destiny. Truth is what I’m not. Truth is what apparently e’one else is. Truth is what happens “now”. Truth is what happens in the real world and not what goes on in your “frenzy mind”.”


“…This not something we should be doing, is what I think. I don’t aspire to be selfish. I wish to always help people and to always do good things in life. But I also want not to forget that dormant urge which resides within me. And asks me for a couple of seconds from my own life. Cuz instead of doing any harm, it brings a feeling of pride, makes me happy. I have experienced it and that is what makes me write all that I have.”


“…You are the soul. You are the destiny. You are what I am. You are the light. In everything and anything which surrounds me. You are the euphoria. You are the strength. In me, of my hopes and my tread. And You make me complete. Its you everywhere. In the dark, in the light, near me, and far away too.”

love…as I see it

“…The most essential thing which I feel we can give our parents is to be with them…. be with them when they need us the most. This is what I think. This is what my Mom always tells me whenever we chat online. That all she wants now is to be with the family. Such a low key affair in return to what they have given us all through their lives. This is the kind of love I talk about here which never asks you for anything, just keeps telling you to be safe, happy and sound”

letting it go

“…Time passes. things happen and we just behold like a mute spectator from a distance. I do not believe in the genuineness of the fact that its us who inscribe our own fate. No I don’t. We just live it. Its all impressed on stone and all we do is follow the path. Taking turns when it calls and walking straight when it doesn’t.”


“…The real courage in showing respect does not come in just treating your elders with respect. No, I call that the beginning. The real courage comes, when your adoration for them grows – under difficult circumstances and when things go wrong. You fight anger with patience, silence and respect.”


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