Posted by: Utkarsh | August 25, 2009

the beginning…

Not a second passes by when me and my soul are not on knees thanking the omnipotent. Not a second. The light on the other side of the tunnel is limpid and bright. As if welcoming the forgotten. I am no longer skeptical about the strengths and walk tall as if I deserve every fragment of it.

The sojourn was gruesome – as I’ve inscribed before. Countless hours, Failing endeavors and a vanquished mind. They talk about not looking back once it’s over. I call them obtuse. I turn my head over my neck and see the blood stained walls I’ve lived. I simper a little, look in front and walk with even more courage and fortitude – to attain what I started for.

Its futile to elucidate the past. Its over. Not that I forget it – I extract every bit of meaning  and soak it in – i just dont brood over it.

I still sit beside the river, seeing the other side with hope. Yes, hope. Unconscious of what I should do now. Does my heart longs for the “other side”? I am not sure. Evolutions – as they say – heh – Evolutions. Situations, time, places, people, expectations and my own being – all have changed. The river has widened to augment the gap.

The skin on my bare feet recuperates. You are here. And no, I don’t inscribe a word more – some things are better left unspoken.

The white light clears a bit, insinuating what’s in store. I sense  it and take a deep breath to consume it in. Its beautiful.

Losers are those who think they’d tranquilize once the tunnel ends and the light clears. As I know its a beginning to yet another sojourn which I humbly accept, and if that’d bleed my veins out – so be it. True happiness comes from within,  and out of the endeavors you put into making yourself and everything around you wonderful.

Introspecting along the way, I take another step towards the daylight, towards sanguinity, towards a new beginning.



  1. Well this ones is a bit confused about like unlike the earlier ones where everything seemed distinct.
    Its perhaps the lack of thoughts when ur together and enjoying :)

  2. Dear Utkarsh,
    Not that I forgot you – you know you are always on my mind because of the haunting words you wrote and which made me write as well – those three letters etched in my mind for eternity – You.

    As always, words that make me repose and relax in the chambers of reflection. You, your words take readers away from the mundane to the eternity of space…..


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    A definite great read.. :)


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