Posted by: Utkarsh | November 4, 2008

Walking Tall !!

We humans are wired within to seek shelter, solace and sympathy. Like those epiphites which need support and help to germinate, on any seedling and shrub which grows in the proximity.  People seek togetherness and companionship. Within places, within things we love and within people, irrespective whether it’s theirs or not.  The very human nature is subservient upon so many things which are imponderable. And I was no different than the race.

The irony of the matter which startles me is whatever we find and whatever we seek is void and futile. Because true happiness is immanent right there inside of us. In a latent cave waiting to get a glimpse and to be unearthed. Its the mind games we play with ourselves contemplating that we are happy when we are dependent, when we are empathized, when we are loved. Even if this is false I now inscribe, how big a thing it is really? Being dependent. Being loved. The desire is all over us at all times and we do all we possibly can to attain it.

The grit comes when you learn to remain complacent when you’re abandoned, aloof, and desolate. When you loose all those social shackles and wires which have bogged you down, when you rise above all and find yourself desolate. It’s then when the catechism incohates, freezing the nerves within.  Caressed and unsustainable as we have been, we’ve given little thought to a different angle of life. Being alone. No one gives. We are receptive to it but loath to give it credence. But life makes you see things which you’ve never dreamed of.

We have dissolved the very meaning of our existence by sharing. Not that sharing bliss and affliction is a bad thing, but exploiting it to an extent where we forget our own meaning and rationale of existence, and consign to oblivion the very idea of being alone would bend us more towards being provisional.

I have learnt to be self-contained in my own small little cave. I have my confidants, my progenitors, and her all the time. And I have learnt not to be that epiphite which bends on every passer to grow. I have a life, my people and my world. And I am the happiest alive.

I relish in the glory of walking tall.



  1. I have been closely.. following ur posts , this one is certainly different i must say.. a great feel and change to the way life is seen.. I must say a lot of positive and content instinct.. :) all the best.. :)

  2. A much needed post for me now, as I break through the shakles of the past and self-imposed sanctions – I need to be able to say to myself, as I read you say – I walk tall.

    Thank you pal!

  3. another eloquent post which gently tweaks d heartstrings..n makes d body n soul revebrate in unison to ur efflorescing thoughts
    keep it up..

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