Posted by: Utkarsh | October 19, 2008

the nature calls..

The sun sets at a distance… throwing the feeble remains on the lake infront of me. The lake is black except for the halcyon patch which the sun gives. I see the lake flowing from one end to another. It seems to me like thousands of  small individual tides all exuberant in joy and vying to reach that gold as they flow. Each tide gets blessed and then goes on vanishing away in the dark for the next one to follow. It makes this tranquilizing sound. Enchanting the senses and pulling you in. Into the calmness it resides.

The cold wind strikes the nerves. Chilly as they are, they cool the mind within. The shrubs and tiny little trees get tawny and saffron as the fall sets in. They bend for the lake to assuage like sunflowers. But its little the lake could do.

I behold the path wandering away in the woods. Covered with the red oak. Covered with mother nature. Welcoming to a whole new world of reconciliation. Giving me urges to get absorbed and never come back.

I behold the red clouds scattered all above me. Making their way out of the blue ones. As if distinctively making their own individuality. They make shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular and others hollow. Some merge with the blues. And others are just clouds.

I behold you lady. Walking beside the lake with arms tightly folded. Your hair playing with the wind. Your eyes waiting.  And you seeing the setting sun yet again, just like yesterday. The tears make no mistake and drop like pearls. I stretch my arms but god I am far.

The sun has set at a distance and no longer throws the gold. The tides are all black. All I hear is the captivating sound still pulling me in. The wind serves the purpose and I am at peace. The clouds all give in to the darkness which sets and only a pale redness remains which seems to be the east. My lady has gone… to return tomorrow. I hope I am close this time.

Nature is what gives me realizations. The lake the clouds the wind and every living and subsistive creature around me. A supreme power resembling a black hole pulling everything into it. And I am no different. I no longer behold and close my eyes to slowly give in.



  1. Hi,
    I’m Akansha’s new roommate and I just read your blog. I liked it a lot, specially the part where you describe the setting sun over the lake.


  2. Thanks Erina, for giving the blog worth. I am glad you liked it :)

  3. Ahem…Someone is getting senti… nice one though!!! more like a poem or a ballad but good…

  4. Utkarsh,
    I am happy your flow of words and feeling are forthcoming these days and the spread of their tapestry on this beautiful canvas of your blog is outstanding, if not bewitchingly haunting…

  5. Thanks for your encouragement Samasti. But Im also sure that you know “when” they start coming out as it might be the same case with you. When the inside is alone and raging with desolation.

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