Posted by: Utkarsh | October 18, 2008

my strengthening self..

The mind strikes again. Yes, that very frenzy mind Ive loathed to even mention. With all the grit and gumption it can. Shredding each and every nerve which circulates my sane and conscious self. The fractions lie all around the floor, like bits and pieces of mirror broken with a massive slag. And I witness my countenance in all black. Shameless. Petrified. Barefaced.  And fraught with misery and contempt.

Its hard this time. Real hard. Ive learnt to live life with all the sanity the invincible has blessed me with. And ive pretty much succeded in it.  I have what I want. I aspire to become. I am aware of the environs which shackle me all the time and how I make my way through them. But this time, this crazy little thing has brought all this to a dead halt. Like a fountain crushed under a stone. Trying to peep its way out but in vain.

Thats life. I realize how the mind plays. And how I have to get out now.Nothing plays with the mind. Nothing. If the living soul is reluctant. All it needs is will. I’ve flew like an avian everytime I’ve desired to. transcending and defying the boundaries which have given meaning to my self. and ive enjoyed it. Al i want is realization. The mind plays. It always does. But its all about how you intercept it. I need control. Its a truth, dark and latent somewhere in my sub conscious mind. I need to carve it out and remove the dust which has rusted the glaze. So that it shines with all the armor and wit.
And now I deem I can attain it. Yes I can. Black and White is what I know now. No shades of grey. I know what to do. And so I sum it up.

I take control. I define discernity. I am the God of my own self. And I believe I’ll make the mind flow away in a smirk.

I am what I am. And I vouch to remain so.



  1. “I am what I am and I vouch to remain so”- Wow! That really is a statement made!


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