Posted by: Utkarsh | October 15, 2008

The Radiant Awakening

Time is one apathetic bitch. You keep ogling at the ticking phenomenon and it seems to be stagnated. You sit with her for a while and it flows as if being the most impalpable creature on this living cosmopolitan. And that’s the ironical beauty of it.

I’ve beseeched, like a mendicant on his knees, to get a glimpse of the days when it was green. And I still beseech. I don’t feel like relying on words when the human himself is inconsequential. It ticks away, just like that. Shattering hopes to tiny little pieces which eventually turn into nothing but dust.

My congenital sensation leans me toward yet another semblance of Time. Death.

Death is omnipresent. With you when you drive, when you walk, when you eat, when youre alive and even when youre dead. Petrified and timid as we humans are, we squint to disaffirm its very existence. But this doesn’t sways away the mightier.

Life goes on. We indulge in things we know not of. Every second of every hour. Restraining the gravity it merits. Heedless. Untaught. Reckless. We follow patterns, rules and walk the herd. And then the mighty strikes. Like a cloud storm descending from the “above” to inundate us in all “white”. And we just look above. Defenseless. Incompetent. All which was “there” becomes void in a blip. All the cherished times, the cherished memories and the time you were with her. All abducted for the dark ages which follow.

Death is capricious. Death is as conclusive as the human being. Death is visible yet inconspicuous. Death is uncertain, yet the most certain. I have witnessed the pain and agony it brings upon. Not just to the defunct, but everything and anything which is bridged. Just takes a blink for the cataclysmic era to follow.

How do we reverberate then ? It’s artless. Enjoy life. It’s meant for it. Every breathing second. Every living hour. Time and Death are for people who are blind.

Open your eyes and you behold the bliss within and eveywhere around you.



  1. Dear Utkarsh,
    A post most profound. Congrats on writing about it. I would say, that yes, death is the most certain thing in life more than anything else, and perhaps that is what drives us to make lasting impressions on this earth, our loves and our lives.

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