Posted by: Utkarsh | September 7, 2008




Everytime I talk to you I feel mirthful. Senses have given up the reminiscence of the feel and touch. They literally have. But my mind still remembers. Each and every time our hands touched and talked.

Who are you ? Where are you ? These are no longer questions I now seek. Its all carved within. And will linger there even after this mortal flesh perishes.

I now seek us in one breath. I seek you sitting beside the red oak & letting me behold the very goddess inside you. I seek togetherness. Walking down the memory lane, I die a little inside, seeing the day I left your hand. I seek the day when I hold it again. With the last bit of virility that’s left within me. So that I don’t loose it again.

Don’t contemplate. I tread the path which brings me to what I seek, what we seek. Its hard. The conflagrant sun peels away the skin from my bare feet. I take one step at a time. Sometimes your tears mitigate the burn. But that’s not what I want. As you are no better than what I am. There are things I wanna say. But words are not the best thing Ive got now.

You are the soul. You are the destiny. You are what I am. You are the light. In everything and anything which surrounds me. You are the euphoria. You are the strength. In me, of my hopes and my tread. And You make me complete. Its you everywhere. In the dark, in the light, near me, and far away too.

Nothing seems consequential. Drab is the room where I write these words. But then, the light enters and it enlightens. It finds meaning. It finds life. I close my eyes.

Its you…



  1. amazing.. and emotional emough to make u cry.. a far better extension of the feelings of hope and lonelinesss…i hope the day arrives soon..!!

  2. ….and me too does hope that I could find such love, treading gently on this earth… beautiful is the picturisation!

  3. Very emotional..And you have put it so well in words..the depth of emotions refliects in your words.

  4. I came to read it again. Ah, the touch of love in one’s life, how beautifully expressed, the moments of light when she is there and then the darkness and the gloom when she is not…how beautiful is this love.

  5. the depth of emotins and the maturity of feelings is brilliant…. just blows you away as u read and re-read the piece….. i wonder what was the inspiration…. but it sure must have been beutiful enough for your to come up with something like this…. awesome read :)

  6. […] skin on my bare feet recuperates. You are here. And no, I don’t inscribe a word more – some things are better left […]

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