Posted by: Utkarsh | November 11, 2007

my frenzy mind….. comes to peace

Would this ever even stop? Its really been quite a while since my mind has started making heedless moves of its own. I call it frenzy and insane. Huh!! But who am I blaming. Its mine after all.

It is indubitably static as hell while being inside my head. But man you got to see the twists and turns it makes. Giving you a ride from the day you came to your senses to the day when probably you’d leave them. It wants to be in places. But that isn’t the problem. The problem lies when it wants to be in multiple places, with multiple people at every instant of time. I keep finding ways to satiate its thirst but in vain. Multiple emotions. Bliss, Sadness, Astonishment and every little thing which now define someone’s life. But boiling down to one. It looks for answers. That is all what it needs right now. And this makes it mad. Isn’t it crazy? Shall I call it restlessness? But then what do I call the state when I used to go for my semester exams. This one is something way above. I perceive it to be jaundiced and insatiable. Even while writing this entry I dunno how many times have I deleted stuff I never intended to write but dunno how it was coming out automatically.

But then suddenly something just the opposite happens. The mind sees a ray of light emanating from the end of the dark tunnel of thoughts. The random motion stops. Its eyes are now looking towards it. But how is this possible? How can an untiring and dissatisfied thing get stuck somewhere? I think it has found something. Something where the peace resides. I look in desperation. It now gets more and more peaceful, much like a wild animal getting to rest after seeing his master. I realize something.

I now know what it wants and where it wants to be. I’ll say it again as I said in my previous post; it is the other side of the river bank where it wants to be AND I’ll say it again as I said in my previous post that being such a weak and ineffectual mortal, there is little I can do.

So finally the mind finds an answer, and when it does, its meaningless.



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